Safe School Committee Members




Fred Vaughan – Director of Human Resources and Pupil Personnel, Chair

Ben Truett, Supervisor of Maintenance and Transportation

Jan Hobbs – Director of Assessment and Accountability

Erin Bartley – Mental Health Counselor

Tamyra Ross – Visiting Teacher/Attendance Officer

Tiffany Yancey – School Psychologist

Elizabeth Heath – Director of Special Education

Dwayne Ross/Administrative Designee – Alleghany High School

Sarah Rowe/Administrative Designee – Clifton Middle School

April Easton/Administrative Designee – Mountain View Elementary School

Nancy Moga – Callaghan Elementary School

Sherman Callahan – Sharon Elementary School

Mike Isbell – TTRT

Kevin Hall – Sheriff’s Office

Matt Bowser – Sheriff’s Office

Chris Fisher – DARE Officer/SRO Coordinator

Clinton Phillips – SRO, Alleghany High School

Laura Rodgers – SRO, Clifton Middle School

Allen Mann – Virginia State Police

Ryan Muterspaugh – Alleghany County Safety Director

Angela Graham – Safety Coordinator, DSLCC

Ed Mansfield – ACPS Bus Driver

Leslie Downer – Nurse Coordinator

Debbie Floyd-Burns – CSB

Robert Tucker – Teacher, Alleghany High School

Lynne Seldomridge, Teacher, Callaghan Elementary School

Crystal Hamilton – Custodian, Alleghany High School

Teresa Byer – Virginia Department of Health

Department of Social Services - TBD

Parent - TBD

Parent - TBD

Other additions as deemed needed by the committee